The Conference

Life in the Universe: The 2nd International Astrobiology Conference will be held in Surat, Gujarat, India on July 01, 2017. The conference is a magnificent opportunity for students, educators and public at large to learn more about space exploration and about the possibilities of life in the universe

Read the Message from the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Message

The conference is officially supported in kind by IARC | Centre for United Nations, Brahmand and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). See Partners

This first-ever-of-its-kind event in Surat will consist of lectures, Question & Answer Session and a short Panel discussion. The speakers will be from IARC, PSI | NASA and ISRO.

The conference will focus on the frontiers of astrobiology including interplanetary exploration, interstellar travel, search for extraterrestrial intelligence and space settlements.

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