Speakers & Guests

Life in the Universe: The 2nd International Astrobiology Conference will be held in Surat, Gujarat, India on July 01, 2017. The conference is a magnificent opportunity for students, educators and public at large to learn more about space exploration and about the possibilities of life in the universe

The conference will be graced by distinguished speakers who will reflect upon various topics including interplanetary exploration, interstellar travel, search for extraterrestrial intelligence and space settlements.

Below, is an evolving list of distinguished speakers and guests.


Dr. Henry Throop

Dr. Henry Throop’s research interests focus on the outer solar system and beyond.

He has been involved with a diverse set of topics ranging from planetary ring formation including the rings of Saturn and Jupiter, planet and star formation, astrobiology and the origins of life, and searching for (and co-discovering) Pluto’s smallest moon, Styx, in 2012.

His studies include evolutionary modelling of planet formation, with verification from telescopic observations.



Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya

Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya is one of the world’s leading scientist and philosopher in the field of astrobiology; the study of life in the universe.

Pushkar research interests include panspermia, search for extraterrestrial intelligence, simulation hypothesis and terraforming of Venus.

Pushkar is the head of Indian Astrobiology Research Centre (IARC) & Centre for United Nations as well as the founder director of Indian Astrobiology Research Foundation.



Moumita Dutta

Scientist, Space Applications Centre, ISRO
Project Manager for Payloads for Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM)



Dr. Parul Patel

Scientist, Space Applications Centre, ISRO
Head, RESPOND & Research Coordination Division,Planning and Projects Group.


Shree Dr. U. N. Rathod - DEO, Surat

Shree Dr. U. N. Rathod

Dr. U. N. Rathod, District Education Officer (DEO) is at the helm of affairs at the Office of District Education. Surat. An able administrator, under him the office has bettered various aspects of education across the district. He is an enterprising officer, who encourages education in and beyond the classroom.