Indian Space Conclave 2017

What Is Indian Space Conclave?

The global rise of space start-ups in recent years has triggered a mass shift of young scientists and researchers towards the field of aerospace and space science. Indian space conclave 2017 aims to cater to this need by providing a stage for space enthusiasts to express, refine and pursue their ideas in space technology. The conference will be centered on the theme "space entrepreneurship" and will emphasize on the necessity, feasibility and scope of space initiatives in shaping the future.

Advisory Council

S. Rakesh
Chariman and Managing Director,
Antrix Corporation

Narayan Prasad Nagendra
Dhruva Space Limited

Karan Kamdar
Founder and President, IDRL,
CEO of 1 Martian Way Corporation

Jayant Murthy
Senior Professor, Indian Institute of Astrophysics

V. Raghu Venkataraman
Chief General Manager, National Remote Sensing Centre

Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya
Head Scientist, Indian Astrobiology Research Centre

Theme for ISC2017

Space Entrepreneurship is the theme of the conference. What was once deemed the job of the top scientists around the world, is now in the immediate reach of every single person on this planet. With consumer levels goods reaching space grade quality it is now much easier for easier for the general man to contribute to space science and make it a full-fledged business. With the current day technology developments and support systems rising there seems to be an upcoming entrepreneurship boom across the world


ISC 2017 Conclave Itenary


Ananth Ramesh
Team Indus

Rohan M Ganapathy
Bellatrix Aerospace

Karan Kamdar
Founder & President, IDRL

Dr Abhas K Mitra
Former Head,
Theoretical Astrophysics Section, BARC

Ankit Bhateja
Founder and Director,
Xovian Research and Technologies

Gadhadar Reddy
NoPo Nanotechnologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjay Nekkanti
Co-Founder, Dhruva Space

Divyanshu Poddar
Co-Founder, Rocketeers

Abhishek Raju
Director of Strategy,
Tech-Galiant Systems


Students for Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), is a worldwide student run chapter that aims to impart knowledge about space and astronomy. SEDS educates people about the benefits of space by providing opportunities. SEDS India is the governing body of all SEDS student chapters across the country. The National Headquarters for SEDS-India resides at VIT University. SEDS-VIT has contributed immensely to the development of space technology with projects such as NASA’s CANSAT, ERC and Hyperloop

Note – This webpage is created as goodwill to support the upcoming SEDS-VIT led Indian Space Conclave 2017 – based on the request from SEDS-VIT for promoting ISC 2017.