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National Space & Sciences Curriculum

National Space & Sciences Curriculum (NASCA) is a national level initiative announced on October 24th during 2016-17 academic year on the occasion of India’ first Astrobiology conference.

NASCA is expetced to be rolled out from the academic year 2019-20 onwards for schools and colleges.


NASCA is a structure and mechanism meant to catalyze research at school and UG level (Grade 6-12). NASCA will foster research in science, engineering, culture & technology through the fulcrum of astrobiology.

Note – The school or students will Not pay any money to be a part of and benefit from NASCA.

Initiative By

Indian Astrobiology Research Foundation

Mentors from (expanding list)

  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA)
  • University of Cambridge (CU)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B)
  • Planetary Science Institute (PSI)

How it Works

National Space & Sciences Curriculum


Research Collaboration Agreements

Research Collaboration Agreements (RECOs) will be the primary instrument which facilitate implementation of NASCA on school campuses.

A Research Collaboration Agreement is a non-legal, non-financial though partially-binding document of intent signed with the school in order to implement NASCA through a pre-defined fluid framework.

Goals | Benefits for Institutions (Schools & Colleges)

Build an appreciation for research at school level
— through organization of lectures and film screenings

Empower students with the basics of research
— through training them on best practices in reference work

Empower teachers with the best practices of research writing
— by training them on best practices in research and mentorship

Cultivate an atmosphere conducive for research at school level
— by encouraging participation in capsule courses and discussions

Create a resource platform for research opportunities
— to encourage participation in conferences and submission to journals

Academic Subjects covered through NASCA in Schools

Note - All Major Educational Board Syllabus subjects and Competitive Exams covered.

Physics | Biology | Philosophy | Design | Logic | Math | Economics | Languages | Design | Civics | History | Chemistry |Technology | Computer Applications | Ecology & Environment

NASCA is relevant for students who aspire to become

Engineers | Doctors | Lawyers | Entrepreneurs | Scientists | Astronauts | Language Experts | Philosophers | Designers | Administrators | Civil Servants | Researchers


Step 1

School / College Principal or Director signs the Research Collaboration Agreement (RECO).

Step 2

Teacher(s) / Professors(s) are nominated as coordinators for NASCA.

Up to two parents from PTA may be nominated for functional / logistical support.

Step 3

NASCA coordinators are given access to the online resource platform.

Measurable - The coordinators must pass online test about basics in research and thereby earn the basic NASCA certification.

NASCA coordinators may identify / nominate up to two parents from PTA for functional support.

Step 4

NASCA coordinators encourage and enroll students to register for NASCA. The students will be given access to basic preparatory material online.

Measurable - The students must then pass an online test and earn the basic NASCA certification as per their grade level.

Step 5

NASCA coordinator(s) will facilitate NASCA activities on premise which will consist of film screening, capsule courses, discussions, assessments as well as any on-site visit by NASCA volunteers.

Overall Measureables

The overall measurable of NASCA are;

  1. The number of students who successfully earned the NASCA certification as per their Grade level
  2. The number of students who submitted papers to conferences / symposiums
  3. The number of “new” projects which were submitted to exhibitions and competitions
  4. The number of “new” experiments which were conducted on premise
  5. The overall quality level of each of the pointers 1 to 4

NASCA Resource Platform

The NASCA resource platform will be set-up on IARC’ MY UN portal.

Please Note: The original version of this webpage (till December 20, 2018) mentioned that ISRO had extended goodwill support to the initiative. However, in light of recent developments, we have removed the same while we seek to meet the agency officials afresh.