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Nitesh Pandey

Nitesh Pandey is a Pharmacist with research interests in Evolutionary Medicine and Cosmochemistry.


Nitesh is a Researcher with IARC (since 2013) and is primarily involved in theoretical research of developing models based on systems chemistry to understand the origin of life on Earth and its implications for the search for life elsewhere.

To see his research papers, click here.

In addition, he develops frameworks based on Evolutionary biology to understand transmission dynamics of infectious diseases. He is also working on the evolution of virulence among directly transmitted and vector-borne diseases. He is the founder of the group Institute of Evolutionary Medicine.

Training & Academic Guidance

Nitesh trains students up to K-12 level in biology and chemistry through his Surat-based initiative, the Open Science Forum.

In addition, he guides students professionally as well as gratis; to make proper academic career choices and career switches.

Education & Outreach

Nitesh drives various education & outreach initiatives to promote science. He is closely involved in facilitating the Life in Space, International Lecture & Workshop Tour. In addition, he blogs at the UNiverse and comes out with his own e-magazine, Young Scientist.


Early Career Chemist Award
American Chemical Society December 2015


Selected for NASA Lunar Exploration Forum 2015.

National Winner: IIT-Gn Essay Competition
IIT-Ghandhinagar November 2014

Member of Danish Microbiological Society
DMS, Copenhagen, Denmark September 2014

Global Finalist for Rolex Young Laureate Award
Rolex Foundation, Switzerland June 2014


Nitesh can be reached at