IARC aligns its astrobiology research goals with those determined by NASA in the Astrobiology Roadmap 2003.

Life: We know the ingredients but not the recipe

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Origin and Evolution of life on extra-terrestrial worlds

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Evolutionary trade-off theory of Virulence and vector-borne diseases

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Bijayan Venus: Terraforming Mission

Concept Note | Published July 2017 | Updated February 2018

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Life Everywhere!

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Critique on Vindication of Panspermia: Falsification of Hoyle-Wickramasinghe Hypothesis?

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Reflections on Making Environmental Science Education More Effective through Classroom Interaction

Accepted and Presented at - UGC Sponsored National Conference on Environmental Ethics: Exploring Multiple Perspectives, Bombay Teachers Training College, Mumbai, 13th September 2007

Are We Alone in the Multiverse?

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Cosmic Contact Censorship

Published directly on ArXiv, 2007 (arXiv:physics/0702172)

* Post submission and prior to publication OMIC was requested not to go ahead with the publication however they declined to do so and published the paper even after the author declined to pay the publication fee.