Overview of the Workshop

Brief Histories of the Universe

Principal Facilitator

Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya, Scientist & Head, IARC


Artificial Intelligence, Big Bang, Black Hole, Consciousness, Dimensions, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Extraterrestrial Life, Large Scale Structure, Mysticism, Quantum Mechanics, Parapsychology, SETI, Simulation Hypothesis, Spacetime, String Theory, Time, Universe, United Nations, Wormhole, Yoga

Organized by

Indian Astrobiology Research Centre (IARC)

For the Benefit of

The proceeds of this workshop will aid in capacity building of the not-for-profit research organization, the Indian Astrobiology Research Foundation (IARF).

Workshop Highlights & Sessions

Workshop Highlights

Brief Histories of the Universe is a capsule workshop which will consist of the following;

  1. Talk
  2. PowerPoint Presentations
  3. Film Screening
  4. Question & Answer Sessions
  5. Hands-On-Activity
  6. Recordings
  7. Special Handouts


Session 1

  1. Big Bang and Beyond
  2. From Strings to Filaments
  3. The Arrow of Time

Session 2

  1. The Fine-tuned Universe
  2. The Dark Side of the Universe
  3. Theories of Everything

Session 3

  1. Hard Problem of Consciousness
  2. The Quantum Mind
  3. Evolution of Intelligence

Session 4

  1. The Yogic Universe
  2. Living in a Simulation
  3. Thought Experiments

Special Session

  1. Career in Space Science